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EMPREINTES is a wonderful 4 storey concept store set up by the Ateliers d’Art de France to showcase and promote the creativity and work of French craft producers. Take time to explore the beautiful collections on display, ranging from jewellery, ceramics, art and homewares. The minimalistic setting mimics a gallery vibe encouraging customers to take a moment to browse, explore and learn about the products and producers, appreciating the talent and innovation of the artists instead of merely purchasing goods. 

Don't leave without stopping by the café on the first floor serving health driven snacks, cakes and sandwiches along with quality coffee and fresh juices, presented in the tableware on sale in the shop, effectively allowing you to try before you buy.

Located neatly in the Marais, Empreintes is a worthy addition to the region's exciting retail scene and one to add when shopping in the area.  With pieces large and small this is the ultimate souvenir shopping to take ‘one of a kind’ mementoes for yourself or loved ones, whilst supporting these highly skilled artisans.

5 RUE DE PICARDIE 75003  |  www.empreintes-paris.com

Mon - Sat 11am - 7pm  |  Closed Sun



Elaine MacKenzie