Raising the bar in terms of neighbourhood bakeries, Liberté is a sleek merging of industrial chic and marbled opulence resulting in a rather swish looking place which happens to sell some of the best pâtisserie in Paris. Step inside and ponder over the various delicacies whilst mustering restraint and summoning iron willpower when faced with the extremely tempting breads and cakes. The selection is not overwhelming, everything just looks so good.  The lunchtime sandwiches are above par too. Stock up on flaky croissants for breakfast and sweet treats for snack time by the canal. The lemon tart and cheesecake are not to be missed and will be lovingly remembered long after.


Mon - Fri 7.30am - 8pm  |  Sat 8.30am - 8pm  |  Closed Sunday

Photos : LIBERTE


Liberte Paris external photo
Liberte Paris internal photo