Don’t be put off by the Louvre’s scale and seriousness. The museum works hard to encourage visitors of all ages with tours and workshops to keep their focus. The key here is pre planning, organisation and a relaxed attitude. Remember that little ones will rarely want to hang around for 1/2 hour fighting the tourist throng to see the Mona Lisa so arrive early, hunt out your must sees then wander at leisure absorbing all the fabulous art and culture. Avoid restlessness with a snack stop at one of the museum cafés then head outside to admire the Pyramide and architecture before trotting over to Jardin Des Tuileries to let off pent up energy.

For convenience eating or snacking in the museum can work well, but be aware they fill up quickly. The ones offering the most relaxed family dining are Café Richelieu (1st Floor) for tasty lunch and snack fare and much prized outside seating area, Café Moullien (1st Floor) for sandwiches, salads and the like or Les Cafés De Lac Pyramide, a canteen serving hot plates, salads and sandwiches. For speedy dining or take out Le Comptoire De Louvre near the information desk has sandwiches and pastries with a few seats indoors if the weather is poor.

Stylish locals frequent Le Café Marly for its well-executed food, decadent ambience and impressive view of the glass pyramid. The food is fine and the setting elegant, so perfect if you are feeling swanky. Lunchtime attracts the fashionable crowds so try for breakfast instead unless you are particularly keen to people watch or have patient children happy to wait for a table.

In the Carrousel Du Louvre there's a food court serving a wide range of international foods, or step outside to Paul selling tasty breads, cakes and salads for picnic dining.

There are some fantastic take out spots in the close vicinity to the Louvre to collect picnic supplies for park picnics and playtime in the Jardin des Tuileries on warm, sunny, Parisian days. Perfect.

TIP Prior to a visit log on to the informative website, pre book tickets and avoid the lengthy snaking queues by entering at Galerie Du Carrousel, Quai des Tuileries. Holders of advance tickets or the Paris Museum Pass can enter via the Pyramide without queuing so well worth the organisation unless your kids are unusually saintly about queues.

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