For a nature lesson and to get up close and personal with creatures great and small from all corners of the globe, look no further that a browse at Design et Nature. Packed full of fascinating insects, birds and beasts this unusual store is a feast for the eyes - keep little hands firmly in their pockets please- and imaginations. There is lots to see and discuss and the displays are wondrous - resplendent peacocks, masterful lions, towering polar bears and delicate fawns create an exciting Noah’s Arc of exploration. Animal loving children will enjoy the displays and budding entomologistscan take a beetle or butterfly home as a keepsake. The skulls and shells make unique additions to interiors so grown ups can indulge here too. Step inside this magical shop to experience something a little different, noteworthy and quite splendid in Paris.

4 RUE D’ABOUKIR 75002  |

Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm  |  Sat 11am - 7pm


Elaine MacKenzie