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R U C K S A C K   M A G A Z I N E

R U C K S A C K is the type of publication you stumble upon for a quick browse and emerge an hour or so later ready to pack your bags and head of to remote destinations in search of the kind of adventures RUCKSACK are so adept at presenting. 

Adventure and infectious passion is at the heart of this London based online magazine, set up in 2016 by Mirko and Laura as an outlet for their love of travel with a vision of bringing together a captivating and diverse collection of travel essays, photography, design, entrepreneurs and intrepid explorers in one beautiful package.

This is the place to delve into the deepest forests, investigate the furthest landscapes of the globe or discover spots of interest hidden amongst a bustling, vibrant city - all captured in spectacular style and prose with impressive panoramic photography and compelling storytelling. The magazine works with a wide network of talented - established and emerging - collaborators, brands, artists and visionaries bringing their own personal journeys and discoveries to life to inspire and enhance the wanderlust in us all.

The beauty and considered attention to detail is obvious in the stunning imagery, imaginative articles and featured insights into brands, big and small, making their mark in various fields, but also in the pared back, simplistic minimalism of the magazine itself - discreet and elegant, wholly sympathetic to the artistry it represents.

R U C K S A C K are launching their first edition print magazine this Autumn and it is sure to become the coffee table journal of choice for those of us looking to lose ourselves in a world of style, inspiration and discovery.

Check out their Instagram feed for a daily dose of breathtaking imagery and inspiring content.


Images courtesy of R U C K S A C K  M A G A Z I N E 

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Elaine MacKenzie