When we were wandering around Paris recently we indulged our love of scents by visiting a few creative brands and retailers committed to bringing joy and indulgence to our bodies and surroundings. Not so much the big brand, mainstream perfumes saturating department stores but the more intimate artisanal creators establishing specialist scents and immersive experiences.

More of a grown up pursuit perhaps but our 7 year old daughter loved sampling the scents and watching artisans at work in some cases.

LE LABO Step off the hustling and bustling streets of Rue Saint-Honoré into the soothing Le Labo boutique where perfumes are created from the soul, with the finest ingredients, passion and dedicated craftsmanship resulting in a line of specialist scents, bottled and packaged with quiet elegance. Perfumes are hand blended on site for the ultimate experience and quality, and bespoke one of a kind scents can be created for those who prefer to stand apart from the crowd.

203 Rue Saint-Honoré Paris 75001  |

Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 7:00 pm  |  Closed Sun

Additional Paris stores : 

4 Rue Marbeuf 75008    

6 Rue de Bourbon-le-Château 75006

7 Rue Froissart 75003

KERZON This delightful fragrance lifestyle boutique is full of fresh, uplifting, cheerful scents for you and your home. Liquid soaps, candles, fragranced pouches and mists are the key products neatly packaged with smart, cleverly executed Paris themed designs and a simple unisex aesthetic suitable for most interior tastes. Perfect souvenirs to take home from the city as treats for yourself or deserving loved ones.

68 Rue de Turenne 75003  |


COLETTE This well known hunting ground of the fashionable set sells a good range of fragranced products, from perfume to lifestyle. You can find some established brands, but they are good at showcasing smaller names and niche creators so there's a nicely curated selection to chose from and it is a good spot to pick up something a little more unusual including their own Colette scents by Le Labo. We loved watching the perfumer at work creatively mixing concoctions in store whilst customers browsed around her. A lovely touch.

213 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001  |

DIPTYQUE One of the first lifestyle fragrance brands to really break the scented candle market, Diptyque manages to hold it's own against various ambitious newcomers and is going strong over 4 decades since the first perfume was launched. Having built a reputation for exemplary quality, a divine collection of interesting scents and distinctive branding, the brand is hard to beat. Although we love trying cool new brands Diptyque remains a favourite and we hotfoot it to the utterly charming flagship boutique in St Germain every time we are in Paris where we stock up on room sprays, candles, perfumes and skincare. Widely stocked across the globe a visit to this store offers a unique and genuine experience so should be on every scent lovers list when in Paris.

34 Boulevard Saint Germain 75005  |

Additional Paris stores :

8 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois 75003

330-332 Rue Saint Honoré 75001


NOSE We dashed past this store and sadly didn't manage to visit - it was closed on our arrival - but we plan an excursion very soon so will feature them over the coming month or so. A glance through the window showed us impressive shelves of apothecary style bottles lining the walls behind a scent bar in a very stylish setting. With an impressive team pedigree from the fragrance industry Nose take fragrance very seriously and with custom perfumes and an informative online magazine this is a must for scent afciandos. Stay tuned......

20 Rue Bachaumont 75002  |


Elaine MacKenzie